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I do stuff sometimes. I make stuff, sometimes it's cool. Here's various things I've done over the years. Probably very incomplete.


This site

All of the website you're using has been written by me from scratch using HTML and CSS (wow so advanced)

90s style site

This was my first attempt at a site before I decided to keep it simple. This was a labor of love and I am very proud of the design :') things may be broken since it's been moved around!

Phosphor Elephants site

This is the most recent iteration of the site I created for my band Phosphor Elephants. it uses the Bootstrap framework, and was my first success in creating a website (if you can call this a success)


3D Art

(Takes you to old website) Here is a gallery of images I made with 3D Studio R4, an MS-DOS application from 1994

Scenic Painting

Here's a blog post showing some work I've done in scenic painting class


Some this, some that.