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I am a longtime musician with a focus on woodwinds and guitars. I have experience playing pit orchestras for muiscals, in large and small classical ensembles, and rock bands. I attended the University of Michigan-Flint for three years as a music education major with a focus in clarinet, and have studied at the Flint Institue of Music.

Instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Soprano/Bass Clarinet, Alto/Soprano Saxophone, Keyboard, Percussion

Skills: Theory, Transcription, Copywriting, Arrangement, Composition, Sibelius, Production, Logic Pro


Here is a list of various projects and miscellaneous bits I have worked on.

Panama Jacque

An unfinished concept album from my band Runa Los Atta


Bits of absurd background music I wrote for an abandoned video game


All of the trash I've posted, which includes one-off songs and fragments of unfinished music