just scribblin stuff

2020-11-10 12:18

Wow I completely forgot about this little site of mine. Nothing really been going on. BUT. I was recognized by the 2019-2020 Wilde Awards for my sound design for Flint Repertory Theatre's production of The Chairs! I'm absolutely thrilled. I wrote some cool music for that show, I'll put it on my site eventually. It just needs to be remixed, and I never feel like it.

2020-10-15 21:18

I recently worked at Flint Repertory Theatre as the sound engineer for a cabaret concert. A very fun time! It felt good to be back working on that kind of stuff, even if it was for only three days.

2020-09-16 22:44


2020-09-13 14:00

Took a trip to some coastal towns with the sweetie. Petoskey and Boyne n stuff. Had some good snacks. I'm so tired out.

2020-09-03 16:19

I don't think I have anything to update y'all with. Just been chillin.

2020-08-29 2:39

I keep playing Team Fortress 2 even though I'm not any good and I can't aim lol

2020-08-29 2:24

Home improvement day! Cleaned and organized laundry room, got rid of some stuff, it's been rainy and nice

Hot tip: Maple Creme Oreos are the best Oreo variation I've ever had. Get em while they exist!

2020-08-28 1:14

Oh yeah, forgot I was doing this. I got my tablet and got distracted.

So yeah I got my tablet. I've been making it a point to make something every day (I usually get around to it at like 3am oops). I'll make a page here eventually where I update with everything I make. I love the tablet and making stuff has been really fun.

In general tho I've been feeling more motivated to pursue things. My big data organization project has been slowing down a lot which is giving me a lot more time for other things, and a lot of stuff has been getting done around the house so I'm feeling a lot more cleared up. Art been a thing, I'm gonna start the Blender donut tutorials again tomorrow, real excited about that, and I downloaded Unity to dabble around with. Not expecting much from the last one but messing around might be fun.

Okay I think that's all for now.

2020-08-14 17:14

I splurged on a new drawing tablet last night. Trying Huion, it's a BIG BOY, the tablet itself is like 17x10 and the drawing area is about 14x8, I'm real excited. Not even that expensive either. My previous tablet stopped working, and an upgrade felt appropriate. I'm excited. And now I HAVE to learn to art well!

Another thing I got recently, which I highly recommend: Reusable napkins! I got a pack of ten cloth napkins in cute colors, just throw em in the wash with yer clothes, it's great! Got a pack of bamboo rags meant to replace paper towels and those are great too. I'm just sick of paper waste and I'd like to not have paper waste. Up next: a dang bidet.

2020-08-10 14:56

I love my cats. They're so great.

2020-08-07 19:04

I'm using 24 hour time for these, but I can't really read it fluently. I have to convert it to 12 hour time for it to mean anything to me. I intuitively know that 7pm is 7pm, but looking at 19:00 I have to go "oh that's 7pm."

I forgot what I originally started writing here for. Oh well. I've done so much work to organize all of my data. My Google Drive looks beautiful right now. I dunno, cool.

2020-08-07 2:51

Social media has been making me stressed lately. I'm seeing so much negativity in the queer community and fighting it is difficult and scary. Plus people's takes on COVID regulations and having to see Biden and his bullshit and I dunno. So many negative vibes, and I DON'T vibe, ya dig?

So yeah, I'm working to stay off of it. I went through all my notification settings to limit what I get, and I limited push notifications on my phone to just comments and messages, turned Facebook notifications off altogether. It's feeling better. If you don't watch out, it becomes an addiction and you don't realize it.

2020-08-06 1:20

Ive embarked on a huge project of backing up and organizing 20 years worth of data. Some floppies, hundreds of burned CDs and DVDs, Google Drive backups and multiple external hard drive backups. It's a lot. Right now I'm consolidating my music library. I kinda wanna get that going again. Spotify is convenient but I really miss maintaining a library of my own. We'll see. I miss the iPod days.

2020-08-05 1:38 EDIT-2:30

Maybe I'll write thoughts here, I dunno. Not a blog, just some stuff. Hi.

ya know maybe it's like Twitter but without the character limit so I can ramble better, and people don't have to talk to me. And I dont have to talk to them. Sounds p good.