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What I'm Doing Now


Nothing! It's quarantine time, babey!

• Oh, also I recently won a Wilde Award for my sound design for The Chairs!


It's been a while so here's the last chunk of projects I've worked on

• Sound engineer for Flint Repertroy Theatre's Night on the Roof concert in October 2020

• Sound and projection technician/assistant for Flint Repertory Theatre's production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in March 2020

• Sound designer/composer/technician/performer for UM-Flint's production of Antigone in January 2020, for which I won a Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Music/Sound Design by a Student from KCACTF Region III.

• Sound engineer/designer/operator and lighting assistant for Flint Community Player's production of Chicago in January 2020

• Sound technician/operator for an independent production of Passing Strange in November 2020

• Sound designer/composer/technician/operator for Flint Repertory Theatre's production of The Chairs in October 2020